The Bag for Everyday Divas

Our products are made entirely in Italy, in collaboration with specialized artisan laboratories.
The techniques and processes chosen are mostly "handmade" and are handed down from generation to generation, according to the Italian tradition.
Articles 100% made in Italy that stand out for accuracy and quality.
The leathers with which we make our products are treated with natural, biodegradable vegetable tannins that can be easily disposed of at the end of their natural life cycle.
The tanneries that work for us recover skins from the food industry to support a virtuous circle and prevent, where possible, any kind of waste. These are cutting-edge tanneries that have made huge investments in purification systems and waste recycling, to further promote processing and production in respect of the environment and sustainability.
A large part of the substances used during the tanning process are recovered, recycled and reused.
Vegetable tanned leather does not contain toxic substances such as azo dyes, nickel, PCP or chromium VI. We are proud to monitor and support the complete process of how the tanning of our leathers is carried out, also guaranteeing the social and ethical attention essential for a modern and 100% Made in Italy brand.
Ecletta products are designed to last over time.
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